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Mark has considerable experience in starting and growing small businesses,
planning and building franchise networks. He has built and sold companies, been a
franchisee, franchisor and a managing director at a Franchise Network working in 9
countries with 400 franchisees.


He is a sought after speaker and advises SMEs on behalf of The Virgin Foundation.
He is an active investor and a founding Director of The Bear Group.
In his spare time he plays drums, piano and guitar and enjoys floating over Surrey &
Sussex in a hot-air balloon.

About Us

The Bear Group specialises in helping businesses grow and prosper, using our extensive knowledge

gained from our own personal experience. Whether you’re a small company wondering about the
best way to grow, a start-up looking to make a flying start or a larger, more established business
considering branching out or franchising, we can definitely help.
We provide one-to-one or small group mentoring, coaching and consulting programmes for all types
of entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s all about planning for the results you want and taking the
necessary steps to get there. We have vast experience of starting, growing and running successful
businesses and we can help you align your personal and business goals and then keep you on-track
to achieve them.
We offer a lot more than just ‘talk, tea and sympathy’. We’re friendly, approachable and practical and
we’re all about getting the results.
The four founder directors, (see below), have all run, started and grown successful companies, of all
shapes and sizes. Along the way they haven’t just read a ton of brilliant books they’ve also written a
Our mentors, coaches and consultants have a modern, friendly, professional approach making them
easy to relate to and work with. The fees are surprisingly affordable and we aim to quickly find a way
they can be funded through changes we agree, (e.g. increased sales, cost reduction, funding etc.).
We only work with companies where we are sure we can make a significant, positive contribution.
So, whatever kind of business advice you need; getting more sales, recruiting and building the right
team, financing, building a company towards a sale, partnerships etc. we’ll be glad to help.
Why not get in touch for an initial chat with one of our team? There is no charge for an initial
telephone consultation. Feel free to either call us or fill in the simple form below.

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