Too ugly to be successful…?

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…for anyone who wants to attract new Clients…

Let’s just be clear – I don’t mean ugly to look at…

There is a clear rule in Sales that you have to be “Attractive” – not physically, but represent an attractive proposition to your prospects such that they see value in what you are offering and will exchange money for the delivery of your promises.

Of course, it always helps if you are clean, reasonably symmetrical and well presented when you are selling; but relax you really don’t need to be a perfect 10 to be successful…

Probably, most of us are selling a Service – an invisible, intangible. The only way prospects and customers can judge before they buy is what others say, and the experience they have at every level of engagement with us – making the intangible tangible through context.

In business you are doing one of two things with regards to new customers and clients;

  1. Attracting– you are offering and proposing products and services that are attractive to your target audience, and they are continually moving towards your position. They are developing relationships with you and your company that are based on liking, knowing and trusting all that you stand for.
  2. Repelling– if you are not attracting, then you are repellent; you business looks ugly. Sounds harsh, but the truth is that you are actually persuading people to not buy from you, or go somewhere else and buy instead. Your prospects have no relationship with you other than uncertainty and ambivalence.

Making yourself less Repellant and more Attractive…

What does an Ugly, Repellant company look like and how do they behave…?

Here’s the Top 10 Ugly List…

  1. The website is out of date and there is no attractive content that defines what problem is being solved, and what benefits can be derived as a consequence of purchasing.
  2. Social Media presence is non-existent or it is just adverts – or pictures of the owner drinking beer. There is no personality to the information that is published, and the activity is sporadic at best.
  3. People are not on time for meetings and appointments, deadlines are not met and promises not kept..
  4. The telephone gets answered badly, and when you visit there is no warm welcome; you are ignored unless they think you may spend money with them.
  5. Emails are not responded to, and messages are ignored.

6.The Vision, Mission and Values of the business may be defined if you’re lucky but they are simply kept behind the reception desk signed by the Chairman 30 years ago.

7.The business has to rely on aggressive Marketing and Sales for growth because the levels of referrals and introductions are so low they have to sell hard to maintain profitability.

8.The team are not passionate and enthusiastic about the business; they talk about the business in negative terms socially and morale is generally low.

  1. The focus of the business is Money first; rather than the value and experience that is delivered to clients.
  2. Management leads by fear rather than vision, and ego drives decisions and strategy rather than informed ideas and knowledge based tactics.

So if you DON’T do any of the above you will be instantly more attractive, make more money and live a happier life.

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